Workshops & Field Tours


Learn from the Best

The MCD has been hosting education events for local landowners and managers for many years.  Through these events, attendees will learn the background information on a range of topics, and have a chance to see the topic demonstrated first hand.  Speakers are experts in their field, either by advanced training or through first hand experience with practices and methods.  Sign up for the ENews for the next Workshop and Field Tour Events!  

  • Workshops 

img_3363During the months when mother nature shows her blustery side, we take our education programs indoors. These regular workshops encourage learning in a more traditional classroom experience.  Typically featuring an expert from our region, these events allow attendees to learn directly on a specific topic from a speaker that knows it well.  The smaller setting and shorter time period allows for ample opportunity to ask the speakers questions and to hear how others in our area address the topic.   

  • Field Tours

img_2754There is no better classroom than the land, and no better teacher than those who know it best.  These tours bring attendees out onto the land to experience in-person how management approaches are tested and the results of the efforts.  Held during summer and fall months, the Field Tours often have a direct tie to the topics covered in the workshop events, allowing participants a chance to witness the concepts in both settings.   


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