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Cost Share Program

The Madison Conservation District unfortunately must suspend our Cost Share Program for FY 23-24 due to budget Constraints. Please watch for this to be reinstated in the future.

When the program begins again you will find this information valuable.

Similar to other conservation districts in Montana, we have realized that one of the best opportunities to support and engage local landowners in meaningful soil and water conservation projects is to provide direct funding to those projects. In order to ensure transparency and appropriate use of our funds, we have developed a basic application and ranking criteria for interested parties. It is one page and includes four questions or prompts:

  1. Summary (What is the proposed project?)
  2. Justification (How does this project directly relate to soil and/or water conservation?)
  3. Budget (What is the overall cost of the project? Is the applicant able to providing matching funds and/or in-kind services?)
  4. Deliverables (Are there specific outcomes that will be generated for the community?)

Examples of projects include restoration projects, improvements to irrigation infrastructure that lend to the conservation of soil and/or water, purchasing of seed for revegetation, riparian pasture generation, off stream wells, research and/or education that lends to a greater understanding of soil and/or water conservation in our area, etc. All proposals must be received by April 30, 2023, to be considered for this first round of funding. In 2023, we anticipate funding two projects at a maximum of $2,500 per project. Please contact our offices for more details and to get copies of the application and ranking criteria. Projects must be located within our jurisdictional boundary (essentially, the eastern third of Madison County).

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