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Norwegian Creek Cooperative Noxious Weed Initiative Tour

Helicopter with words


Whew, that’s a mouthful! But so is this project. Come see how seven landowners, five agencies, one helicopter, and thousands of bugs came together with innovative management techniques, long term planning, comprehensive mapping, and a landscape-level approach to fight noxious weeds on over 12,000 acres of Norwegian Creek. On a scale this large, a much larger impact can be made, rather than trying to fight weeds on one acre when the adjoining acre is producing them.

Citizens & neighbors are invited to tour the area and learn from landowners & project staff about the challenges and lessons 6 years of weed fighting taught us, and see the drastically improved conditions. Plus, see how the same ideas can be applied to benefit your property.

This is a joint project of: Madison Valley Ranchlands Group Weed Committee, NRCS, Madison Conservation District, and the Madison County Weed Board.

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This tour is a event that corresponds with Montana Conservation Month, which aims to help spread the word about the good work that Conservation Districts and Watershed Groups are doing across the state. Click here to see more events around Montana.



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