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Current Permits

Use this table to find current permits that have been processed by the Madison CD. You can use the arrows to arrange the table by name, stream, date, etc. Permits are numbered in order they are received, so permit number 18-01 was the first permit received in 2018. The submitted permit applications are available at the MCD Office.

2021 Permits

Permit NumberApplicantStreamPermit Status
21-01NorthWestern EnergyUT to MFWF GallatinApproved w/ Modifications
21-02John HeroldSouth Meadow CreekApproved
21-03Carolyn Quan (BFR Family Limited Partnership LLLP)North Willow CreekApproved w/ Modifications
21-043 RiversNot a Project/Outside of Jurisdiction
21-05Jeff Laszlo, Granger Ranches, LPO'Dell CreekApproved
21-06Jeff Laszlo, Granger Ranches, LPBear CreekApproved w/ Modifications
21-07EVirginia City Ranches AssociationEight Mile CreekApproved w/ Modifications
21-08Brett OwensTrib. of North Meadow CreekApproved
21-09Brett OwensTrib. of North Meadow CreekApproved
21-10Kevin KramerEnnis LakeApproved
21-11Kristy SaierWhitney CreekApproved w/ Modifications
21-12CGail GoughBurnt Creek, Hot Springs CreekNot a project
21-13Tim and Sally RyanSFWF Gallatin RiverNot a Project
21-14Jeff Laszlo, Granger Ranches, LPO'Dell CreekApproved
21-15Philip NyeEarly Springs CreekApproved
21-16MJeff LeeBear CreekApproved w/ Modifications
21-16MJeff LeeBear CreekApproved w/ Modifications
21-17MSU Ecology Dept/Lindsey AlbertsonCherry CreekApproved
21-18Chris KraussNorth Meadow CreekApproved w/ Modifications
21-19Gallatin River Task Force E O'ConnorMiddle Fork West Fork Gallatin RiverApproved
21-20CHoward SheridanJack CreekNot a project
21-21Kathy LynchMadison RiverApproved w/ Modifications
21-22Big Sky Resort KnaptonMiddle Fork West Fork Gallatin RiverApproved
21-23Jeff Berke8 Mile CreekApproved w/ Modifications
21-24Daniel Davison B Weltner8 Mile CreekApproved w/ Modifications
21-25CNick DykS Willow CreekNot a project

2020 Permits

Permit NumberApplicantStreamPermit Status
20-01O'Dell Ditch CompanyO'DellApproved
20-02Mike LociceroMileApproved w/Modifications
20-03Jeff Laszlo (Granger Ranches)O'DellApproved
20-043 Rivers CommunicationN/ANot A Project
20-05Stephen OreSand HollowApproved w/ Modification
20-06Chris MadridSouth WillowApproved w/ Modification
20-07Dusty WagnerNorth WillowApproved w/ Modification
20-08Douglas ReedyNorth WillowApproved
20-09EPat Goggins/Ennis Shriver Ditch Co.Madison River/Ennis Shriver DitchApproved
20-10Pat Goggins/Ennis Shriver Ditch Co.Madison River/Ennis Shriver DitchApproved
20-11Greg Rice/Spanish QMoore's CreekApproved w/ Modification
20-12Sundance Bench Board of Directors, Mike Wiegand (Complaint)Madison RiverWithdrawn
20-13Anonymous ComplainantNorth WillowNot a Project
20-14EWilliam LeggUNT to Bear CreekApproved
20-15Granger Ranches/Jeff LaszloO'DellApproved w/ Modifiction
20-16Barry RohwederSouth Meadow CreekNot A Project/Outside of Jurisdiction
20-17Drew ScottDaisy CreekApproved w/ Modification
20-18Philip NyeNorth Willow CreekApproved w/ Modification
20-19Madison River FoundationMadison RiverApproved
20-20MB MT Acquisitions, LLC (Kevin Germain)Tribs to Moonlight & Jack CreekApproved w/Modifications
20-21MB MT Acquisitions, LLC (Kevin Germain)Tribs to Moonlight & Jack CreekApproved w/ Modifications
19-18 EXTMB MT Acquisitions, LLC (Kevin Germain)Moonlight Creek & Jack CreekExtension Approved w/ Modifications
20-22David MaichelSand Hollow PondApproved w/Modifications
20-23Cataract Water Users AssociationCataract CreekApproved
20-24MB MT Acquisitions, LLC (Kevin Germain)Trib of Jack CreekApproved w/Modifications
20-25MB MT Acquisitions, LLC (Kevin Germain)Tribs to Moonlight & Jack CreekApproved w/Modifications
20-2616MT RanchUT to Wikiup CreekApproved w/Modifications
20-27Granger Ranches/Jeff LaszloMadison RiverApproved
20-28Sampson InvestmentsMadison RiverApproved
20-29Kirby AltonMadison RiverApproved w/Modifications
20-30EMike Green and Julie FunstonNorth Meadow CreekApproved
20-31Tim Cashman, Beaver Dam Ranch, LLCLeonard CreekApproved w/Modifications
20-32Michael ActkinsonMadison RiverApproved w/Modifications
20-33Karen McKitrickEight Mile CreekApproved w/Modifications

2019 Permits

Permit NumberApplicantStreamPermit Status
19-01CDavid Ronsen, Acela Truck CompanyMadison RiverFined
19-02Greg DoudSouth Meadow CreekApproved
19-03Ron Lake, Jumping Jack RanchUnnamed StreamApproved
19-04Jim WellingtonO'Dell CreekApproved
19-05Mel McKitrickEight Mile CreekApproved w/modifications
19-06Joe LopezEnnis LakeApproved w/modifications
19-07 Levi B. DuttonSheep CreekNot a project
19-083 Rivers CommunicationButte CreekNot a project
19-093 Rivers CommunicationDeadman CreekNot a project
19-10 3 Rivers CommunicationHorn Creek Not a project
19-113 Rivers CommunicationMadison RiverNot a project
19-12 3 Rivers CommunicationMile CreekNot a project
19-133 Rivers CommunicationNo NameNot a project
19-143 Rivers CommunicationCannalNot a project
19-153 Rivers CommunicationPapoose CreekNot a project
19-163 Rivers CommunicationSheep CreekNot a project
19-173 Rivers CommunicationSun CreekNot a project
19-18MB MT Acquisitions LLCMoonlight Creek, Jack CreekApproved w/modifications
19-19Brandon GrossEnnis LakeApproved w/modifications
19-20Yellowstone Mountain ClubMuddy CreekApproved
19-21Maichel Ranch - Dave MaichelSouth Willow CreekApproved w/modifications
19-22Granger Ranches, LPMill CreekApproved
19-23EGranger Ranches, LPWithdrawn
19-24Brad OwensUT Moran CreekApproved w/modifications
19-25Michael ThompsonEnnis LakeApproved w/modifications
19-26Rob SimpsonNorth Willow CreekApproved w/modifications
19-27MB MT Acquisitions LLCMoonlight Creek, Jack CreekApproved
19-28Sun Ranch Partners, LLC - Clark AdkersonUT Moose CreekApproved
19-29EKevin Germain UT Jack Creek
19-30Brett McFarlandAspen CreekApproved
19-31Northwestern EnergyMadison RiverApproved
19-32Peter FitzgeraldCold CreekApproved
19-33Jeff BakerPony CreekApproved w/modifications
19-34Nicholas DykSouth Willow CreekApproved
19-35Jack Creek Ranch (Alex Webel)Upper McKee PondsApproved w/modifications
19-36ENicholas DykSouth Willow Creek
19-37EBob SitzNorth Willow Creek

2018 Permits

Permit NumberApplicantStreamPermit Status
18-01Tim HokansonWarm Springs CreekApproved
18-02Jim WellingtonO'Dell CreekApproved
18-03Granger RanchesBear CreekApproved w/Modifications
18-04Porter BennettSouth Meadow CreekApproved
18-05Sitz Angus RanchPreacher CreekApproved
18-06Peter McLoughlinMadison RiverNot a project
18-07William LeggUnnamed tributary of Bear CreekApproved w/Modifications
18-08John WittinghamMadison RiverNot a project
18-09Tim CashmanLeonard CreekApproved
18-10Rich ChandlerUnnamed tributary of the South Fork of the West Fork of the Gallatin RiverNot a project
18-11Rich Chandler2 unnamed tributaries of Muddy CreekApproved
18-12Kevin GermainUnnamed tributary of Jack CreekApproved
18-13EJoseph BrummellMoores CreekEmergency 310
18-14EWilliam MorganMoores CreekEmergency 310
18-15Granger RanchesMadison RiverApproved
18-16Granger RanchesO'Dell CreekApproved
18-17Carter KruseNorth Fork of Spanish CreekApproved
18-18EPat GogginsMoores CreekEmergency 310
18-19Madison Valley Garden RanchMadison RiverApproved w/Modifications
18-20Steve HamiltonSouth Willow CreekPending
18-21EJohn CrumleyNorth Meadow CreekEmergency 310
18-22Dean and Barbara StarrBear CreekApproved
18-23Pat GogginsMoores CreekApproved
18-24John CrumleyNorth Meadow CreekApproved
18-25Tim CashmanLeonard CreekApproved w/Modifications
18-26Theodore GriffithSouth Willow CreekPending
18-27CBob Wagner Unnamed Stream Not a Project
18-28EBrett OwensNorth Meadow CreekApproved
18-29EKeith DunnNorth Meadow CreekApproved
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