Current Permits

Use this table to find current permits that have been processed by the Madison CD. You can use the arrows to arrange the table by name, stream, date, etc. Permits are numbered in order they are received, so permit number 16-01 was the first permit received in 2016. The submitted permit applications are available at the MCD Office.

Permit NumberApplicantStreamPermit Status
18-01Tim HokansonWarm Springs CreekApproved
18-02Jim WellingtonO'Dell CreekApproved
18-03Granger RanchesBear CreekApproved w/Modifications
18-04Porter BennettSouth Meadow CreekApproved
18-05Sitz Angus RanchPreacher CreekApproved
18-06Peter McLoughlinMadison RiverNot a project
18-07William LeggUnnamed tributary of Bear CreekApproved w/Modifications
18-08John WittinghamMadison RiverNot a project
18-09Tim CashmanLeonard CreekPending
18-10Rich ChandlerUnnamed tributary of the South Fork of the West Fork of the Gallatin RiverNot a project
18-11Rich Chandler2 unnamed tributaries of Muddy CreekApproved
18-12Kevin GermainUnnamed tributary of Jack CreekApproved
18-13EJoseph BrummellMoores CreekEmergency 310
18-14EWilliam MorganMoores CreekEmergency 310
18-15Granger RanchesMadison RiverApproved
18-16Granger RanchesO'Dell CreekApproved
18-17Carter KruseNorth Fork of Spanish CreekApproved
18-18EPat GogginsMoores CreekEmergency 310
18-19Madison Valley Garden RanchMadison RiverApproved w/Modifications
18-20Steve HamiltonSouth Willow CreekPending
18-21EJohn CrumleyNorth Meadow CreekEmergency 310
18-22Dean and Barbara StarrBear CreekApproved
18-23Pat GogginsMoores CreekApproved
18-24John CrumleyNorth Meadow CreekApproved
18-25Tim CashmanLeonard CreekApproved w/Modifications
18-26Theodore GriffithSouth Willow CreekPending
Permit NumberApplicantStreamPermit Status
17-01David LyonsMoores CreekApproved
17-03Sam ConnollyJack CreekApproved w/Modifications
17-04Sun West Ranch POAAspen CreekApproved w/Modifications
17-05Jim WellingtonO'Dell CreekApproved
17-06Jerry BauschHot Springs CreekApproved w/Modifications
17-073 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, INCNot a project
17-08Claude MulhollandLeonard CreekApproved
17-09Jason ShaugerMeadow LakeApproved
17-10Tom ReedNorth Cottonwood CreekApproved
17-11Mike McKitrickDead man CreekApproved w/Modifications
17-12John SampsonMadison RiverApproved w/Modifications
17-13John SampsonUnnamed Spring CreekWithdrawn
17-14Porter BennetSouth Meadow CreekApproved
17-15EBeaver Dam RanchLeonard CreekEmergency 310
17-16Pat GogginsMoores CreekApproved
17-17Pat GogginsMoores CreekApproved w/Modifications
17-19Luke ToddCurly BillApproved
17-20Granger RanchesMill CreekApproved
17-21Todd StoddardNorth and South Meadow CreekApproved
17-22Bob SitzHot Springs CreekApproved
17-23Stephen NelsonMoores CreekApproved w/Modifications
17-24Bob SitzHot Springs CreekApproved w/Modifications
17-25David MaichelSouth Willow CreekApproved
17-26Matt MoenBradley CreekApproved
17-27EStephen OreSouth Willow CreekEmergency 310
17-28Linda OwensNorth Meadow CreekApproved
17-30Cody WilliamsSouth Willow CreekApproved w/Modifications
Permit NumberApplicantStreamPermit Status
16-01ChandlerMuddy CreekApproved w/ Modifications
16-02TSJ Limited PartnershipJack CreekApproved
16-03ChandlerSouth Fork of the West Fork of the Gallatin RiverApproved
16-04ClarkCedar CreekApproved
16-05Alton RanchBlaine Spring CreekApproved w/ Modifications
16-06, formerly 14-16Dick Anderson ConstructionUT to the South Fork of the West Fork of the Gallatin RiverApproved
16-07CroyIndian CreekApproved w/ Modifications
16-08Sun RanchUpper Wolf CreekApproved
16-09Sun RanchLower Moose CreekApproved
16-10Sun RanchUpper Moose CreekApproved
16-11Sun RanchMiddle Moose CreekApproved
16-12JonesBear CreekApproved w/ Modifications
16-13WellingtonO'Dell CreekApproved
16-14EndecottSouth Meadow CreekApproved w/ Modifications
16-15Frank Keyes (Complaint)Willow CreekAction Recommended
16-16Sun West Ranch POAAspen CreekApproved w/ Modifications
16-17EBig Sky ResortUT to West Fork of Gallatin RiverApproved
16-18MBMT AcquisitionsUT to Jack CreekApproved w/ Modifications
16-19Big Sky ResortUT to West Fork of the GallatinApproved w/ Modifications
16-20Beaverdam RanchLeonard CreekApproved
16-21France (Complaint)
8 Mile CreekNon-jurisdictional
16-22France (Complaint)8 Mile CreekNon-jurisdictional
16-23BoydWigwam CreekApproved w/ Modifications
16-24Cameron Ditch Co. Madison RiverApproved
16-25Sphinx Mountain RanchBear CreekApproved
16-26Lindsey AlbertsonCherry CreekApproved w/ Modifications
16-27Paul McMullinSouth Meadow CreekApproved w/ Modifications
16-28George BoydCold CreekApproved w/Modifications
16-29Nick Bunn (Complaint)South Willow CreekPermit applied for
16-30Nick BunnSouth Willow CreekApproved w/modifications
16-31Alton RanchBlaine Spring CreekApproved, extension of 16-05