Category: Water

Where Will the River Go?

The patterns of change along a river can be barely noticeable, or very dramatic- depending on a number of different factors.  Their patterns are known for being a bit mysterious, yet a new mapping effort might be able to give us an idea of where we can anticipate change in the future and help land …

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State of the Water

Join us for a presentation on the health of our streams in the Madison watershed, and learn about the local monitoring efforts that are helping us better understand the conditions of these waterways. Additionally, participate in a discussion about the Madison Watershed Restoration Plan, and learn about the opportunities our community has to protect and …

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MST Mid-Season Report

As the days get shorter and the kids go back to school, it’s clear that summer is coming to an end across Madison County, but that doesn’t mean that the Madison Stream Team season is over. We’ll continue to monitor conditions on our streams through September, and then the real work begins…the computer work, that …

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